Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What payment options do you have available?

We have the following payment options available upon checkout:

- VISA/ MasterCard, credit card or debit card

- EFT, ATM deposit or bank deposit

- SelfieLight Lay-By (20% Deposit, 3 months to pay).

- COD, Cash on Delivery or VISA/ MasterCard powered by Yoco (currently offline).

If you would like to complete your purchase by making a bank deposit, ATM deposit or EFT, simply select your preferred option at checkout and wait for one of our friendly staff members to contact you. 

For Cash on Delivery option , simply select your preferred option at checkout and wait for us to get in touch with you.

When checking out using SelfieLight Lay-By simply select the Lay-By option @ checkout, once receiving your order confirmation please allow 24hours for your invoice to be sent. All terms and conditions and instructions can be found on the page.

You can also place your order with us directly, email


2. Can I check out using my credit card?

Checkout safely and securely with our PayGate payment gateway using your VISA or MasterCard, credit card or debit card.


3. How does the Cash on Delivery payment option work?

Cash-on-Delivery - Available for In-Stock items only! JHB & PTA only!

(Only select if the item you're purchasing is In-Stock and if you're situated in the Johannesburg/ Pretoria Regions)

The SelfieLight Team will be handling the deliveries for all our COD orders. Please expect us to pull up in our Selfie Light vehicle. :)

Once placing your order, your order will be dispatched within 24 - 48 hours. Our team will then arrange a suitable delivery time and date to ensure you are able to receive your parcel in good order.

We accept Cash or VISA/MASTER card upon delivery.
Please ensure that you have either of these on hand when receiving your parcel.

Delivery Times:

Delivery times may vary depending on the item:

  • In-Stock:     1 - 3 business days (SelfieLights, Bundles, FlexiPods, and all items 1kg and under).
  • In-Stock:     3 - 5 business days (Ring Lights & Lights Boxes 1.1kg and above).



4. Is there some sort of guarantee?

We believe in our product so you get a 90 - Day Money Back Guarantee. If your SelfieLight stops working or if there is any damage due to the manufacturer (which we know there won't be) you will be entitled to a replacement or a full refund. We do not fix or replace lights that have obvious signs of use and breakage.

5. What is your delivery fee?

We deliver throughout Southern Africa at a rate of R80 for Express door-to-door delivery for all items under 2kgs and R120 for Road Freight door-to-door delivery for all items above 2kgs. 

If you do not stay within our borders but would like to place an order. Find out if we can deliver to your country, email us at and we will gladly offer a helping hand.

6. Who delivers my order and how long does it take?

Internet Express Couriers will make sure your order gets delivered to you on time to your chosen destination.

Your order will arrive within 1 - 3 working days or 5 - 7 working days depending on your package weight. After being dispatched you can track it on their website

Delivery times may vary depending on the item purchased


  • 1 - 3 business days (SelfieLights, Bundles, FlexiPods and all items 1kg and under).
  • 3 - 5 business days (Ring Lights & Lights Boxes 1.1kg and above).



  • 7 - 15 business days 


7.  Can I get a refund on my order?

Yes you can, click on the 'Refunds and Returns' tab at the bottom of the screen, for full disclosure of our Refunds and Return Policy.


8. How much are your selfie ring lights?

We have 3 different selfie ring lights in our collection, priced at R300, R450 and R550 (small, big and biggest). Shop our website to view our collection.

9. I am a makeup artist/blogger which light would be best for me and my day-to-day business?

You will love to get your hands on the SelfieLight ProX (R550), it provides professional 'cool white lighting' needed to showcase your face beating skills professionally. It will instantly enhance your images and make your Instagram fleek!

It is available in super cute colours too pink, white and blue!

10. What is the difference between the 3 selfie ring lights?

The SelfieLight (R300) is for the casual picture taker, the battery lasts 30min on max power just enough for a few flawless pictures when out with friends. It also comes with a cool flash function which is great fun to use when recording videos. 

The SelfieLight PRO (R450) is for the social media junky, if you just cannot go a day without taking pictures and you can snap about 100 pictures in one sitting, this light is for you. It lasts 2-4 hours depending on the brightness level. It adds a beautiful 'glow' to your images and makes any selfie, product image or video stand out!

The SelfieLight ProX (R550) is for the professional blogger and vlogger. Your life and time depends on amazing lighting and this light will help make your life so much easier. It is our biggest and brightest light fitted with the strongest battery. Be seen as a game changer, not only will this light make you look good in person but it will make your images look like it's photographed by a professional.